Our Story

Our promise is to create a video that you’ll want to share with your friends and family, as well as want to watch for the rest of your married life. If you’re not into that kinda thing, we might not be a good fit. But, if you’re all about love being on display in a 5-10 minute video, we got you covered. (Also, and we have no data to back this up, but approximately 93% of the couples that have hired us to film their wedding are still married to this day. Could it have anything to do with their wedding video? We don’t know. Maybe. It’s worth a shot!)

Our People

Justin Peay

Owner / Filmmaker / Editor

Emma Peay

Owner / Filmmaker / Social Media Manager

Ryan Callahan

Filmmaker / Editor

Alan Black


TJ Rosemond


Lindsey Callahan


Jason Hurst


Casey Hurst


Hannah Jones


Dillon Fields


Chris Steinberg


Emi & Andrew Ward

Where We've Been
Georgia / South Carolina / North Carolina / Tennessee / Florida / Alabama / Texas / New York / Vermont / Delaware / Pennsylvania / Indiana / California / Bahamas / Jamaica / Ireland
Where We Want To Go
Hawaii / Arizona / Washington, DC / France / Spain / New Zealand / “We’ll go anywhere you want to pay us.”