Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been filming weddings?

A long, long time. Formerly known as Justin Peay Productions, Paros filmed our first wedding in 2012. We filmed two weddings our first year, 5 the next, and today we average between 100 and 150 weddings a year.

What does the final product look like?

Other than it being something you’ll want to watch over and over forever and ever, we create several standalone videos rather than one long film. We think your films should be shared with the world, so we keep them short and sweet in order to post on your social media to make your best friends “ooh and ahh” over your perfect day.

What are the main differences between your packages?

The Bronze Package covers all the bases. You get a Highlight Film, a full Ceremony Film, a First Dances Film, and a Trailer. The Silver includes everything in the Bronze, but you also get a longer Highlight and we include the speeches and cake cutting along with the first dances in your Reception Film. The Gold Package has everything in the Silver, but with an even longer Highlight and our most popular addition, the raw footage. Finally, the Platinum includes everything in the Gold, but with our longest Highlight Film and a film of your Rehearsal Dinner. You can always upgrade your package whenever you want. Even after your wedding!

One videographer or two?

“Two is better than one, because they have a good return for their labor.” 95% of you will hear this quote during your ceremony. The Bronze Package has one videographer, so if you and your partner are getting ready in two different locations, we encourage you to look at the Silver Package or higher. But sometimes one is all you need!

Can I pick the music?

You can! We license all of our music from, so feel free to browse their library, and let us know if anything stands out to you. Song length and vibe play a huge role in our selection, so we will try our best to incorporate your recommendations. (Or just let us know that you’re really into German Dubstep, and we’ll find the perfect song for you.)

Do you sell the raw footage?

100% very absolutely, yes we do.

Can I make changes to my final film?

Every once in a while, a wedding crasher sneaks into our films, and you need them removed ASAP. Minor changes like this are easy-peezy to edit, but if you’re wanting us to rework the entire film, that may take a little more time. (And you know what they say about time.)

What do I do with my hands?

If we had a nickel for every time a groom has asked us this, we’d have more money than the gross earnings of Talladega Nights. Our approach to filming weddings is more natural, less posey, and candid. Just be you, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Will there be a drone?

For Silver Packages or higher, yes.

Can I fly the drone?


How long until we see our films??

If we had a nickel for every time a bride has asked us this, we’d have more money than the gross earnings of The Bachelor. JK, we know you’re eager to see your big day on the silver screen! We try our hardest to get you the films within 4-8 weeks, but during peak wedding season we can have as many as 10 weddings in a day, so it could take just a little bit longer. Just know we are working hard creating a film that you’ll want to watch and share forever.