Erica & Ronnie

We've heard some pretty hilarious officiants over the years, but this guy takes the cake. Line after line after line was a joke mixed into something sentimental. It was really like we knew who Erica and Ronnie are without having ever met them. He pointed out that Erica, now marrying into the Donaldson family, might be the least athletic Donaldson. Which, totally spit-balling here, was quite the insult for Erica since she is extremely competitive. She and Ronnie are state tennis champs, so no matter who is the more successful athlete, at least they're winning together. Here's to many more years of proving to be the more athletic person. Cheers to Ronnie and Erica!


Highlands, NC


Old Edwards Inn

The officiant was one of the funniest guys we’ve heard.
There’s a little bit of rivalry between Ronnie and Erica as to who is the most athletic. We think it’s Erica!