Katie & Josh

Josh and Katie’s wedding film was featured in BRIDES in 2021, but their wedding day was timeless! When we heard that they moved their location from Miami to Aspen, of course, we were excited! We had only been to Colorado one other time before, but judging by how pretty Aspen was in the movie "Dumb and Dumber," we knew we were in for a good time – and so were Josh and Katie. Even though they had a sign that said, "Weed is legal. Dancing is illegal,” sometimes you can't help but create your own dance floor and boogie. Pandemics are so weird, but here's to making the most of it! Cheers to Josh and Katie!


Aspen, CO


Hotel Jerome

Visiting Aspen was a bucket list item for sure. Dumb & Dumber didn’t do it justice.
Hotel Jerome was such a classy venue for Josh and Katie’s wedding.