Riley & Miguel

Rehearsal dinner: Casino Night. Popping bottles. Lots and lots of friends and family on the week the country opened back up. This is only a fraction of the unique characteristics that describe Miguel and Riley's wedding weekend. Right before their grand exit, Riley and Miguel pulled our team to the side and told us how grateful they were to have us as their videographers. It was kind of a surreal moment because their guests were lined up waiting for them to leave the reception, the band was tearing down, and there was movement all around us, but they took the time out of their wedding day to tell us how thankful they were. You'll hear it in multiple speeches, but this is the level of thoughtfulness that these two have for others. They were constantly putting others before themselves. Riley gave one of our filmmakers a gift for their daughter, she made a birthday cake for her grandma, and they threw one massive post-Covid party for their friends and family. Here's to a lifetime of selflessness. Cheers to Miguel and Riley!


Atlanta, GA


Stave Room

Can all Rehearsal Dinners be casino themed please??
We would also like to go cruising on a very expensive boat after every first look please.